Visitor Information

The UPV-MBS at Taklong Island welcomes visits from small groups of researchers and educators. Station capacity is limited by the number of beds, availability of water, and the carrying capacity of the island (particularly with respect to sewage & trash production). As a government-run facility, use of facilities is solely for RESEARCH and EDUCATION purposes. Overnight stays by recreational visitors are NOT allowed. Overnight visitors must receive prior approval from the UPV-MBS Station Head. Researchers must contact the Station Head well in advance of their planned visit, because all research activities need prior approval from the TINMR Protected Area Management Board (PAMB). Visit the Forms & Reservations page for information on how to request a visit to the Marine Biological Station.

Taklong Island is located off the southwest corner of Guimaras. Guimaras is an island-province located southeast of Panay and northwest of Negros, in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines.




The UPV-MBS dormitory has a 43-bed capacity with a few extra mattresses available. Different rates apply should visitors request a fan room or air-conditioning. Four new duplex units for researchers will be opened for visitors soon. Each unit is good for one person only, and has no airconditioning at present.


Please be advised that the UPV-MBS has no telephone, no internet, and no cellphone signal. There are no stores nor permanent inhabitants to the island: all food and drinking water must be brought in by the visitors. See the Facilities page for more information.


The island has NO facilities for handling solid wastes. In compliance with TINMR regulations and to preserve the ecological balance of Taklong Island, please strictly comply with the “GARBAGE-IN GARBAGE-OUT” policy. Segregate and bag all your wastes, and deposit them in a proper waste collection facility on the mainland.


The Station depends on rainwater collection for all its water needs. Water supplies may be depleted in the dry months. Minimize use of water – take short showers (less than 5 mins) no more than once a day.


The facility is a self-service field station. Do NOT expect the staff to wash your dishes, throw your garbage, or clean your messes. Clean up after yourselves. Don’t track water, sand, or mud into the station – rinse & dry off before entering the building.

Getting There:

  1. From Ortiz Wharf in Iloilo City, board a pump boat to Jordan Jetty Port, Guimaras (P14).

  2. From Jordan, one can either choose public transportation (cheaper, but slower) or hire a tricycle/multicab/jeep/van (faster, more expensive) to Sitio Luzaran, Barangay La Paz, Nueva Valencia.

  3. From the main highway, make sure not to miss the turnoff point at crossing-Lusong: this is the road you need to take to go to Luzaran.

  4. From Luzaran, hire a pumpboat to Taklong Island (P400 for a two-way trip).