Forms and Other Documents:

Forms and the price list are made available for download.

Forms & Reservations

Visitors planning to stay overnight and/or rent equipment must receive prior approval from the Station Head. Only requests from research or educational groups will be entertained Kindly fill out the Facilities Request Form and submit it to the Station Head via email or as a hard copy for approval. In addition, student-researchers (thesis and special problem students) should fill out the Research Students Facilities Use Form.

Should your visit be approved, you will be sent a Billing Statement for use of facilities. Payments must be made in advance at the UPV Cash Office (branches at UPV Miag-ao and UPV Iloilo City). Please show the Official Receipt (OR) to Mr. Joseph Gajo upon arrival at Taklong Island, and email a scan of the OR to the Station Head.

Visitors must also pay the Environmental Fee levied by the Taklong Island National Marine Reserve (P30 per person). The Environmental Fee may be paid when boarding a pump boat to Taklong Island from Sitio Luzaran.

UPV-MBS prices for dormitory use, gear rental, and tank airfills may be viewed on the left side of the webpage.